What to Bring & Barnyard Etiquette



What YOU need to bring:
CAKE or Cupcakes, Plates, Napkins, Forks, Beverages


Our tables in TheArtbarn are set with cute blue chambrey table cloths with red & white check topper. A center piece of funky fun burlap feedbags, bucket of daisies & cute animal sculptures.  You are welcome to bring something else if you are incorporating a special theme. 


Outside Food:
You are welcome to order pizzas for delivery - Farmer Sue will give you the phone numbers - or bring in any other food you would like.  We do remind you - more food takes longer to eat and you don't want to take too much away from your art, animal & hayride experience. 


Remind Your Guests:
Wear Farm Attire, DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA & Don't Park on Street


Farmer Sue's NO-NOs:
No Smoking, No Adult beverages, and NO PINATAS (thanks)


Giftbags: are preferred with NO metal/wire twist ties -- they look yummy to chickens when they are on the ground.


PINTEREST ADVICE: Moms there are loads of super cute ideas out there on Pinterest - have fun - but don't go crazy and STRESS OUT trying to incorporate loads of them into your party. 



Hey yall Snickers our Goat is responsible for spreading the word on


You know - Barnyard Etiquette!

1. Siblings... to bring or not to bring that is always the question.

If you are coming to a party - please confirm with your party mom before hand about bringing siblings. Our parties are geared towards 15 children. (and that's how many seats we have at the table). If your sibling is a baby or toddler in a stroller it is no problem.  If your sibling is an older child who will want to participate in the party...again please confirm . (we do charge the party mom $20 for additional guest beyond our party limit of 15)

2. We ask all parents to remind our tiny friends Not to Chase the Chickens - it seems like so much fun... unless you are a chicken!  We promote kindness to all creatures great and small.

3. No Running - it is very easy to get excited in the barnyard and want to run around - we want to keep you safe and the animals too - so we always like to use our walking feet.

4. Quiet Voices -- ssssh...help us use our quiet voices so we wont scare the new babies.

5. Return Brushes to bucket -  Remind our little friends when done brushing the animals to put bruhes back in the bucket.

6. Be a Good Sharer - there is time and room enough for everyone to do everything and we always like to give a friend a hug and say... you first!

XXO - We love the farm. We love you. And we want to have a totally Farm-tastic Day!


hawgsnkisses from farmer sue

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