Meet Farmer Sue & Check Out Our Mission Statement

Hey I'm Farmer Sue! Self proclaimed "Happiest Girl in the World!" My whole world revolves around Kids, Critters & Creativity...or as we say now: Art,  Animals & Agriculture! I can truly say... I am living my dream!

The farm is called Morning Glory Farm and it is home to "TheArtBarn" where friends of all ages can come and meet my entire animal family, create some great art, and have time to relax and enjoy being on a real family farm. I've been here now for 17 years and have been lucky enough to celebrate both my 40th & 50th and holy guacamole... my 56th Birthday!  I am lucky enough to be married to a VERY PATIENT man who also has fallen in love with the farm... and just happens to be an awesome Tractor Driver!  Every single day offers something amazing to make my heart smile. Roosters wake us  at 4:30 and cows, donkeys, horses, and sheep sing us to sleep each night.

We invite you to come experience the magic of this tiny farm and all it has to offer. My Teacher Friends have given TheArtBarn an A+ in Barnyard Meet & Greets along with Farm to Table Fieldtrips!

Come Enjoy a Farm-tastic Day and experience Art, Animals & Agriculture in one magical location. 

Please email me if you would like more information on any of the cool things we are doing here on the farm - I promise there is nothing else like it around!

farmer sue



The ArtBarn at Morning Glory Farm


Our mission is to provide a unique, 

inspirational and educational environment

that promotes creativity, kindness and understanding

between all farm friends both human & animal

that enriches the lives of each as we grow

in the garden, in our hearts and in appreciation

for the amazing world around us.

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