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Field Trips Are an Easy A+ at TheArtBarn

Incorporating Art, Animals & Agriculture all in one Farm-tastic Location!

PUMPKIN FARM NOTE: at your request we can add pumpkins to the Fall Field Trip mix. Let us know your budget for size/cost and we will have them waiting for your tiny friends either in the garden or in the big field for a pumpkin fun run - cute cute cute!

Fieldtrips: Spring, Summer & Fall

The Farm is a completely outdoor facility

- If it RAINS we will raindate you as quickly as possible.

Perfect for Farm Animal Meet & Greet for the younger set

all the way up to New FARM to TABLE learning units for older friends!


3 hour fieldtrip at the Farm (normally 9:30/10am start time -12:30-1pm departure depending on your travel schedule)

Cost: $11.50 per person  (chaperones are $11.50/ children $11.50)

NOTE: if you are bringing multiple classes or a full grade level ask about teacher discounts.

  DEPOSIT: $50 deposit is requested to hold your date.

NO Minimum we will find a place for your group no matter the size!


if you come without a check & request that your school be billed - there will be an additional $50 administration fee.

We Accept Check, Cash & Credit Cards**

**  please note: a 5% convenience or service fee applied to credit card charges.

We can easily handle large groups of 150-200

Our Vice President of Barketing is Augustus McCrae Wilder (GUS). He is our official greeter & MAY ride shot gun on your hayride. All farms have dogs.  He has no idea he IS a dog and even friends who DO NOT LIKE DOGS love Gus - he is amazing. Dogs help keep us safe on the farm. Please note he will be on property sharing the love.

When you are at the farm you will:

meet, pet, hold, & brush a variety of clean, friendly farm animals:

chickens: roosters, hens, chicks and if we are lucky... a green egg!

along with ducks, bunnies, lambs, goats, donkeys, horses, ponies & potbelly pigs.

learn lots of fun facts about them & discuss their jobs on the farm

explore fun gardens like The Peanutbutter & Jelly Garden and Mr. McGregors to see what is growing for the season. Friends w/ allergies don't worry - it is just named the PBJ garden. The goats ATE all the peanuts years ago & farmer sue gave up planting them!)

create a cool art project

relax with a picnic lunch under the old magnolias with tables just for you.

hop a hayride & travel around the farm learning about the garden & compost, earthworms and more.

See what the Buzzz Is ALL About  at our NEW HONEY BEE station


Let us know if there are learning objectives you wish to meet & we will tailor information to the needs of your students and curriculum.  (ie: Farm Basics: Meet & Greet; More indepth: Farm to Table; and even Art & Animals in the Bible)

Please Note:  we are licensed by the USDA & GA Dept. of Agriculture who inspect regularly for animal health, cleanliness and well being. We are fully insured by the Farm Bureau of Georgia.

What YOU need to bring:

Lunches or snacks

extra waters or juice packs or cooler & cups during hot months

germ gel & hand wipes (we have them both but encourage you to bring extras!)

CAMERA for sure!

a classroom first aide kit, sunscreen/bugspray & you may also want to bring a table cloth

Please Remind Your Students & Parents:

Wear Farm Attire (close toed shoes are preferred)

 Make sure you have room on your digital device!

For more information email farmer sue:

We look forward to spending a Farmtastic Day with YOU!

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