Farmer Sue Bio

Who is Farmer Sue?

"Farmer Sue" as she has been dubbed by the children who have visited the farm, will warm your heart with her unending enthusiasm and genuine love for what is to be celebrated about art, animals, agriculture... and children!

Farmer Sue - is an Atlanta native. A city girl born with a country heart. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Georgia in Graphic Design. She has worked as a graphic designer and production manager for the last 24 years in Atlanta, 15 of those as owner of Shaw Design & Production.

The Art Barn & Morning Glory Farm are a dream come true for Susan ...a chance to escape city life, and to follow her heart on a joyful country path.

Her greatest joy comes from introducing her "farm family" of delightful critters to new friends, creating art with her guests of all ages, and sharing the farm thru programs at local schools and at Morning Glory Farm's Art Barn.

If You Are Interested in a little more history

Susan came to the farm for a little peace and quiet and to escape the pulse of the city. Originally she planned to put her graphic design studio in the barn -- but the computers never made it thru the barn door! After hosting an open house & 40th birthday at the barn she noticed how much everyone, children and adults alike enjoyed the quirky, rickety crickety-ness of the place... not to mention the art table full of supplies she set out for her guests to experiment with. After the party was over a few of her friends' children requested to come back to "Sue's Art Barn" for another visit -- and this is where the spark began.

Six months later a friend mentioned that she had done "every" cool party in town for her 2 children and was looking for something new and different. Susan reminded her how much the kids loved the farm, and suggested trying a party there. The first party was a huge hit with the kids -- a nature walk collecting treasures for their art project, meeting Rusty the Rooster and Tootles a 20something year old pony provided the entertainment. The Party Mom thought it was great too - no set up no clean up - just show up and have fun -- noting it was the most relaxed she had ever been while hosting a party!

From there things began to magically happen, odd animals needing homes began to appear, a few others were purchased and plans for the adorable gardens like Mr. McGregors and The Peanutbutter & Jelly Garden began to sprout. Susan worked double time doing graphic design and creating a magical space for children and families to enjoy. After 3 years she was able to close her design business and devote every minute to the farm.

Today... 18 years later, Farmer Sue has now celebrated her 40th, 50th and holy guacamole...56th birthday here at the farm. Farmer Sue was married in 2011 to a VERY PATIENT MAN who also fell in love with the farm. The last 5 years have seen lots of change as the business has grown. The entire farm has had A Face Lift. Pastures re-seeded, new 4 board fencing and lots of other improvements to TheArtBarn, The Big Red Barn & The Bunny Barn. 

Farmer Sue is the happiest girl in the world and continues to work towards making the farm the most farmtastic place you will ever visit. 

We hope you will share a special day here with your family and friends and make a memory. 

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