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Posted 2/19/2012 11:13pm by Farmer Sue.




I love teaching & sharing art - it makes my heart happy.  Many of you know about my ArtBarn Afterschool gigs - where a different animal goes to school to make new friends and model for the class.  I also have the privilege of teaching 2 kindergarten art classes at an amazing private school on Fridays.  These guys knock out some awesome art as they learn about famous artist and explore some crazy cool techniques. 

I would like to share with you some super simple steps for a project I think is a KEEPER for sure.

Inspired by Jim Dine's Heart Series.  I have loved his work since college.  I was lucky enough to have an autographed poster from one of his shows... that was until my studio rabbit ate it...Only you farmer sue!

Ok - here goes.

if your kids are having trouble drawing big big hearts - go ahead and cut some out of paper for them to use as templates -- they still come out crazy cool. You can do this with crayons, marker or paints if you are brave!

1. trace or draw a BIG HEART on your page -- this project is best on BIG PAPER!  we used 12x18

2. go crazy with color.  my kids went crazy when I told them SCRIBBLING  was allowed.

3. go back with a black crayon and outline the heart and add some extra scribbles here and there

4. add your artist signature - done!

PLEASE GO GOOGLE: jim dine hearts and you will find yourself smiling.


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farmer sue

Posted 2/19/2012 10:46pm by Farmer Sue.

FARM FRESH CREME BRUELE - Super simple & egg-ceptionally yummy

Ok this is one dessert I love - I like to order it for a treat if we are out somewhere special. The problem is... NOW I KNOW HOW EASY IT IS TO MAKE! Give it a try - there are lots of variations.  The recipe below comes out very sweet.  My first batch was for New Years Eve & my 2nd  for Valentines Day. (I love sweet but I cut down the sugar a bit and am thinking about using only 1/2 the called for amount in the next batch)  Let me know what you think!

If you Google Creme Bruele you’ll find lots of recipes & videos. Here is the basic recipe I used:
4-6 farm fresh yolks.  reserve whites for another dessert like meringues.  add a pinch of salt,
1 teaspoon of vanilla and then wisk in 1/2 cup sugar.  Gently wisk in 2 cups of heavy whipping cream. Pour into small oven proof dishes.  Set little dishes in larger pan/dish & pour warm water into the large dish about 1/2 way up the sides of the tiny dishes.  Carefully place into preheated oven (350o) and cook for 30-40 minutes till set.  Let cool, then refrigerate.  When ready to serve sprinkle tops with thin coat of sugar and place under broiler or use a torch til sugar melts and glazes over.  -- my torch pix is not so good - will pop one up for you later -- they turned out great under the broiler the first time I did it. Remove quickly. Let cool just a bit then enjoy your farm fresh dessert.  Add fresh berries if you have them... I like mine plain.

Note: My farm-tastic mom found creme bruele dishes for me at one of the linen/home goods store -- way cheaper than the fancy cooking stores. It even came with a torch. 








Posted 5/16/2011 5:33am by Farmer Sue.

Wow. what a wonderful relaxing day spent with our farm friends.  Thank EWE to all our friends who joined us. We sheared 9 sheep. Met the 2 new babies and found out that 2 new lambs were born last night. (both doing well with their baah-U-tiful mom Bella)

Everyone one took home a little bag of wool & made a cute wooly sheep project.  And hey yall, i just "Googled" the words wet felting with kids -- and found an amazing little project: 

check this out:

Let me know if you would like to do a workshop like this!  I loved the piece they framed as a mother's day gift and i was already dreaming aobut doing squares that could be sewn together into a cool scarf... so many possibilities.

My 4H friends Mason & Daven escorted the babies around for everyone to see. They will be showing the lambs in the near future at our regional 4H shows.  We had such a great turn out today we were able to show our support for our 4H farm team with a $200 donation so that they could purchase a special regulation pen used for shows. You go guys - we can't wait to see your ribbons.

A special thank EWE goes out to our amazing friend Randy who shears our sheep. He is so patient & kind. Shearing is hard work and we appreciate his willingness to do it on a day when all of our friends can participate and learn. Rany -- ewe R the best!.

Well, the sun is starting to pop up and I'm dying to get in the garden today.  If you missed the sheep shearing sunday you can see one of the videos of Luke our biggest sheep getting sheared on our YouTube Site. just go to the home page and click the YouTube Button to get there.  It is cool.


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Posted 3/8/2011 7:13am by Farmer Sue.

Hey guys.  Last night in honor of Fat Tuesday & Mardi Gras we MOOO-ved our cool Cowparade Cow "Mardi Gras" in to the big beautiful new lush green pasture out behind the freshly painted ArtBarn.  She looks great. Come for a visit and have your picture made with her! 

There are lots and lots of things buzzing here at the farm.  The Farm Facelift is still going on.  We re-done part of TheArtBarn so Louise & Angus Bramblett Curtis our cows will have their own Cow Palace.  We are still working on some wacky decorations for that.  TheArtBarn has a fresh coat of paint and looks Farm-tastic! A new black 4 board fence is up and lots lots more. 

You have to come be part of our team of friends who are OUTSTANDING in the Field... visit with Mardi Gras & check out all the new farm fresh things going on this spring!

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Posted 3/3/2011 5:59am by Farmer Sue.

Hey guys - I am so excited - our bee keeper Miss Trina B - came to check out our hives the other day (and NO I'm not getting itchy because the wedding is getting close... I mean BEE hives yall)

She came with OUT her hat, veil, gloves and bee keepers suit... all B-cause she did not think we would have bees.  Here in Georgia we have had one of the craziest winters in ages.  5 Snows. Yep 5 - there are pictures posted in the gallery. The first two were fun but then after that you just rolled your eyes and said oh no snow! 

ok - back to BEES.  Lots of beekeepers in our area apparently lost their bees.  I've been out checking every so often on a warm days and have seen bees on their little front porch - and have done the happy dance right there in the garden myself.

Well, Miss Trina B absolutely could not Bee-lieve it... There they were ... I gotta say it... Busy as Bees ... making HONEY and lots of it.  Miss Trina said there is atleast 30 or 40 pounds this year.  Check out the pictures below of our tiny worldsaving friends hard at work!  Soon Miss Trina will show us how we get honey from the comb to the jar and we can celebrate with a taste of heaven.

When you see the pictures... you will see Miss Trina is in shorts. No Hat. No Veil. No Sleeves... and she did not even get stung -- I loaned her my farm hat near the end because 1 bee kept trying to get stuck in her hair.

oh no, I'm gonna start ramblin. The words taste of heaven take me right back to my cousins back porch in the country - in Madison, Florida.  Hot toast with butter and honey for the first time and I actually said to my awesome Aunt B (yep B for Beverly - I'll blog about her later!) ... THIS MUST BE WHAT HEAVEN TASTES LIKE.

I hope you enjoy our BEE-u-tiful pix of some of the hardest working guys on the farm.

I will post a little book of photos in just a bit.

BEE sweet. BEE kind. make a difference in someones day today!

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Posted 1/14/2011 1:07am by Farmer Sue.

Cockadoodle dooo from your friend farmer sue -- It is Friday and yep we've still got snow and ice all over the place.

The Animals are all doing just fine.  They are tucked into bed each night. Some of the horses are wearing pajamas. The Chickens and Bunnies requested to keep a night light on ALL night long - (it is really a special heat lamp to keep them cozy - they love it)  The pigs are snuggled deep down in the hay inside their pigloos.

The snow makes everything look so peaceful and pretty! 

I will post some fun pictures for you in just a bit and hopefully some video of the new baby bunnies too!



Olivia & Farmer Sue

Posted 4/20/2010 2:03pm by Farmer Sue.

Hi friends, It's me Oivia your barnyard piglet reporter.

Everything was a buzz last night as Miss Trina brought us our NEW BEE family. It was fun to watch as Miss Trina unloaded the bees from her car.... yep that's right... her car! Right there in the hatch back  - a big box of bees! She said these were very friendly bees!

She waited until dusk when all the bees come home from their big day out gathering pollen.  After they snuggle in side she lifts the lid and gently puffs a little smoke on them which makes them stay calm.

This family of bees.... or HIVE -- is brand new. A neighbor called Miss Trina to say that there was a swarm of bees collecting in one of his trees.  Miss Trina went over in her bee suit, climbed up a ladder and gently brushed the bees into the box. She said she was so excited BEE cause the young Queen was right there with them. Miss Trina left the new bee box below the tree over night and all the rest of the bees found their way into the box -- how cool is that.

When Miss Trina began unloading the bees you could hear the buzzing sound inside the box - it was amazing.

Farmer Sue took several pictures of the bees being unloaded and set up in our tiny BUSY BEE GARDEN.


We hope you will enjoy seeing them.  We still have some honey left for sale.


from farmer sue & Olivia




Posted 4/16/2010 10:32pm by Farmer Sue.

Olivia our talking Piglet Reporter went to school today.  She rode in my lap all the way.  I must admit a little ouchy at times!  We had a great day at school and everyone LOVED HER. Everyone is amazed that she can run around with or without a leash, that she comes when I call her and... that she is so darn cute... actually she is a very very pretty pig.

Am hoping to have the new web up shortly.  I love the way it is looking. Small Farm Central is amazing - the package they put together has everything a farm girl dreams about having to make the farm work in real life and on line.  I hope you will like it too.  Please send me your comments & suggestions of other things you would like to see.

Am also working on the social media aspect of this webby world - I am new to Facebook & Twitter.  I was actually able to post a little slide show of my baby lamb Cecil getting his first hair cut or "shearing".

Tomorrow should be another FARM tastic Day with friends here visiting.

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Posted 4/16/2010 10:30pm by Farmer Sue.

Hey Yall,

talk about pattie baker planting garden.  shirley potatoes.

asparagus popping up.

and remember... never whack yourself in the head with a fence board... ask me how i know!

Posted 4/16/2010 10:24pm by Farmer Sue.

Wow - we found more baby bunnies under the barn! Spring has clearly sprung.  We added them to Rabbit Ranch which i jokingly said is now... Re-in-Rabbitated.  It seems a year or so ago an older brother of one of my birthday friends decided to let all the rabbits go. Amazing... or not... The rabbits are all over the farm - happy & safe - and way to wiggley to put back in rabbit ranch. 

Now that spring is here and babies are popping up everywhere we decided to use Rabbit Ranch as the "nursery" for a while.  We have the baby bunnies, adorable chicks and new ducklings... along with a NEW SIGN painted by me - farmer sue - hope you like it.

Olivia Our Talking Piglet Reporter Says Please Check Out Our Tour & Blog Above