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Posted 4/7/2013 8:45pm by Farmer Sue.

MONDAY APRIL 8TH -- afternoon playdate 3-5:00

Tuesday Morning 9th -- Full Full Full

Tuesday Afternoon 9th -- 2-4:30 Playdate!

Wednesday Morning 10th -- 10-12:30/45 Playdate

Thursday Morning 11th -- Full Full Full

Friday Morning 12th -- 10-12:30/45 Playdate

Saturday Morning 13th -- Family Farm Day 10-12:30/45

SATURDAY EVENING -- the 13th Cocktails & Creatives - Girls Nigh Out!
7-10pm.  Grab a friend a bottle of something fun & an appetizer to share and come "Wine Down" at the farm.  $30 per person. Includes canvas & paints. Variety of subjects to select from or go... freestyle baby!  call farmer sue if you want to join in!

Come meet all the animals, hop a hayride & make some great art.  Spring is in the air, the grass is green, 4 leaf clovers are popping up everywhere and the new chicks are chirping like crazy.  Get your CAMERA and get on over here!!!

Rsvp by phone 678-319-0286  or email:
Posted 2/17/2013 10:54pm by Farmer Sue.

from freezin to fryin - and back again.

That's february for sure. 

Soon as the daffodils pop we get chilly willy weather - the snowflakes on saturday did look like glitter coming down in the barnyard.  I have to admit the multiple snows 2 years ago gave me  enough of a thrill that I can still wait a little longer for snow.

Last weeks warm weather did allow me to finish out all the new raised beds on the pasture end of the garden & I'm proud to say i built them all myself -- and did not even whack my thumb 1 single time - woowhoo.

We got all the strawberry plants transferred to their new beds and filled the other with fresh compost - and wow that stuff was beautiful - almost a year & 1/2 old --

with the chilly weather sending me back inside - I finally got my seeds ordered - loads of heirloom tomatoes & more. I went a little crazy and order more asparagus (3yr stock) hopefully my bed will sprout some great numbers this year since they are now 3 years old.  They never made it to the table... we stood right there in the garden and gobbled them down - yummy. crunchy. delish. i want more more more.

Looking forward to a great day on the farm tomorrow - monday -  happy birthday Abe & George! We have lots of friends coming out to celebrate in the sunshine.

ok, i'm gonna try my best to get more farm n garden pix up here this year along with art and other fun stuff.

xxo farmer sue


Posted 11/15/2012 5:24pm by Farmer Sue.

Hey yall,

It is Thursday Nov. 15th.  Wow as I look at the Cow-lendar I have such mixed emotions.  We are winding down a little in one way and ramping up in another.  October was crazy busy -- 1 day off in 31 -- all good -- all smiles.

Last Saturday when I was taking the day off - LOL - one of my farmtastic photographer friends Ashley Blencoe was out shooting family portraits and asked what I was doing as I was pulling everything out of the store room & ripping thru the garden... I said well it is my first real day off and I just wanted to get in the dirt and get organized.  She laughed. Her Client laughed and they both said... oh sister you need some re-programming! A day off after a month like yours deserves a day at the spa, get your nails done, your hair done, or get a massage!    

I just smiled... that dirt. this dirt. this tiny little farm is my everything. it holds me together. it keeps me grounded. it gives me focus. it gives me purpose. it is my world.

This fall & winter I hope to post more. MORE funny things,  educational things,  cooking with kid things, and farm things. I'm addicted to PINTEREST where I collecting great kid activities, recipes, spa lotions & potions, party ideas, garden ideas egg cetera. 

To all my grammar teacher friends - don't grab the red pencils & let me know about typos - just think of it all as rough draft of a novel farmers day. 

With that said, I am posting one of a sweet article about why girls need horses in their lives. I read one similar to this in the AJC over 20 years ago &  enjoy.



(if you like this go to her site - so many wonderful things to read)

Posted 11/10/2012 8:10am by Farmer Sue.

Hey pack a snack or picnic lunch and get on over here!

It is gonna be absolutely baaaah - u -tiful out there.

I cant remember if i blasted out to everybody on thursday night or not.

so apologies if you get this 2x


$10 per person as usual + $5 for a handled pony ride.

no need to call - im headed out to set up now.

xxxo farmer sue

ps i will have the fall cowlendar - finished up shortly - we are gonna have some summer camp days in nov & december -- drop off camp style days - great for moms to go get some shopping done!

Posted 10/23/2012 2:43pm by Farmer Sue.



I love love love the art my peeps do in class at school and here at TheArtBarn and would love to see YOU use it for holiday gifts, birthdays and more.

Super easy to do with my favorite company: -- I am a graphic designer by trade for oh.... 20+ years before becoming FARMER SUE - the luckiest girl in the world (thanks to you and your peeps) and I love this company - they offer every type of product you could slap an image on to and their prices are far better than anybody else I've found.

First find an awesome or as we say around here FARM-tastic piece of ART you love from your amazing artist/peep.  Shoot it with your phone or digital camera and follow my instructions below.  You may not even need my directions - but they are here for back up if you get lost in the process online -- the guys at are in Jamaica & I love chatting with them - they will jump in and help you at any point -- just call the 1-800 number.


You can create 5x7 glossy folded note cards, with your childs art on the front. blank interior (or add a message) and finish out with a cute pix of your child on the back with name age etc and title of work.

I just ran thru the entire process below.  Takes maybe 30 mins or less.  100 cards cost $68 plus shipping and they come with envelopes. You can replace the white envelopes with colored ones from one of the Office Supply companies.  Just tie them up with raffia or a ribbon and you are ready to go!



first. shoot your artwork with your digital camera or phone, email it to yourself at a higher resolution (dont go more than 1mg)

open it an name it on your desk top.

go to

select HOLIDAY CARDS there is a vertical & horizontal version.  select which one fits your art best.  (pears of course are vertical for my amazing friends at school who just painted these)

click the product you want.
the 2nd product is the 5x7 blank folded card TALL -- perfect!

click -- select design

they will ask you upload your image -- HIT BROWSE to find it on your desk top -- it will take a moment to upload.

if the image is headed in the wrong direction - there is a button to the left that says ROTATE.

if at any point you have trouble or are struggling - call the 800 number and they will pop it right in for you.  they are in jamaica so i love chatting with them --

once your image looks good on front of card hit NEXT
You will see your image full bleed  hit ok or next.

click to select INSIDE card.
remove all the samples text.
there is a button below image of card - click it.
there may still be other text left. click each block & delete.

if you are using them as blank note cards -- erase everything.

you may also like to type a tiny block of text centered at the bottom with something fun like

Portrait of a Pear
painted by John Smith, Age 6, Fall 2012

there is a FONT button at the top that allows you to pick size, style and color and centering

again if you have any trouble just ask the guys to help.

ok you are about done.

now select the quantity you would like,  the cards come with envelopes

next they will ask you about paper stock:
the glossy stock that is “included” is nice - you can bump up in additonal heaviness of paper if you want for a surcharge.

now hit next.
they will ask about envelopes -- select blank white for free

almost done!

now you can select an image for the back of the card.
you can put a pix of your adorable artist, age, etc.

(you may want to take text our of inside of card in the center spread or leave it there)

now just keep clicking next til you get to check out.
they are gonna show you a million things to put it on! (there are some cool notebooks and other things - you may want to take a peak)

hit check out -- review -- done!
use a credit card to pay or paypal.

finally - you will hit shipping & they will calculate fees & turnaround.  

viola -- your child is in PRINT!

and seriously you can ask the guys on the 800# for help at anypoint.  

if there is a spot to say who recommended you put in:
susan shaw  is my info.

I used 100 as my order number figuring i could do 10 sets of 10.

100 5x7 gloss folded cards for $68 with envelopes.... tie them up with some ribbon or raffia, box them -- woowhoo - a perfect perfect gift for anybody you love created by somebody you love!

there are other companies out there who do this --but i think these guys have the best prices!

if you are a person -- upload to your iphotos and jump in from there!


HAVE FUN - you can also upload your image to the several companies and out put on canvas wrapped frames for some big time art wow.  will get you a list of those shortly!


just google 'PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS ON CANVAS" several will pop up and the prices are great!



love farmer sue & TheArtBarn Crew at morning glory farm where good things grow

Posted 10/4/2012 10:54pm by Farmer Sue.

hey yall i was typing just toooo fast last night when i sent out info.  apologies!



one of my friends found an itty bitty kitty way up in a tree in their office parking lot.  it is cute cute cute.

tiny, whitish, with gray ears & tail & 2 gray paws. if interested... call or email my friend alicia she can send you a cute photo. or   678-794-7153



family farm days are SATURDAY OCT 13TH NOON - 3:30 & SUNDAY OCT 21ST  1-5

$10 per person.  pack picnic lunches - dont forget camera - rsvp needed



only 3 weekday spaces available.

wed. oct 10,  tues. oct. 16, wed. oct 24th  possible 26th.



farmer sue


Posted 9/20/2012 7:28pm by Farmer Sue.
Way Too Cute & Super Fun the last
Little House & Pioneer Workshop was a BLAST! 

Join us for the next one
This Sunday Sept. 23rd from 3:30-6:00.  We will be working on putting a canvas top on our hayride to turn it into a Covered Wagon.  Make a LIST of what you would bring if you were on the trip.  We will be whipping up some butter - seriously - Farmer Sue just got an antique butter churn - wooden paddle and all -- we are gonna be BUSY. We've always got room for more friends.  $40 Parent Child Combo. Drop offs ok. Call Farmer Sue for more Details -- 678-319-0286

FALL PLAY DATES & OPEN FARM TIMES:  rsvp requested to all
9/25 tuesday  &  9/27 thursday  barnyard hullabaloo.  meet the animals, make some art & hop a hayride with farmer sue! $10pp

9/30 sunday -- Moms are free day -- kids grab your moms & get over here! pack picnic lunches to enjoy.  $10 per person.
10/3 wednesday - Scarecrow Debut - come meet our cute new scare- crow family.  $10 pp

10/5 friday - story time & barnyard hullabaloo w/farmer sue $10 pp
10/10 wednesday - barnyard hullabaloo w/farmer sue $10 pp

10/13 SATURDAY!  12:30-3:30  FAMILY FARM DAY

Sunday 10/7  @ 10am & 4pm     Saturday 10/20 @ 10am & 4pm

Check the website for other happenings!

from farmer sue!
Posted 8/30/2012 7:53pm by Farmer Sue.
We've got lots of Fun Stuff going for September!
(and WOW things are already booking up fast - do check the daily cow-lendar on our website)

Lets get started with Saturday Sept. 1st
Barnyard Meet & Greet from 12:30-3:30
lots of time to snuggle, pet & brush your favorite barnyard buddy, Make some ART of course, and hop a hayride!  Bring a picnic to enjoy under the magnolias.  Rsvp to farmer sue if possible: 678-319-0286 or email me!
cost:  $10 per person.  $5 hand led pony rides


Saturday September 8th: HORSE & PONY WORKSHOP 9am-Noon
Come celebrate Farmer Sue's birthday doing what she loves most...Hanging out with friends, ponies and making art!  Meet all the horses on the farm and learn about caring for them.  Learn about grooming and what each brush is for. We will even give some bubble baths! Check out both English & Western Saddles and give each a try as you learn how to cinch them up.  Check out some of the bling for both English & Western riding apparel. Learn how to hold your reins & sit properly in the saddle. We will take a little walk & jog on lead line. (please bring your riding or bike helmet)
We will make a great horsey art project & everybody will take home a horse shoe!
Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy & Farmer Sue will share birthday cupcakes!
Limited space for this workshop:  12 friends max. 
cost: $65 for the morning

CURRENT Open Playdates for Weekday Farm Fun!
9/12 Wednesday   10-12:30  rsvp appreciated
9/18 Tuesday  10-12:30 rsvp appreciated
9/19 Wednesday 10-12:30 rsvp appreciated
9/27 Thursday 10-12:30

Pack a picnic & treat your mom to a special day. Bring your cameras for great fall shots. Farmer Sue will have some super special things going on (several crafty friends will have artwork & wares for sale) more details to come.  And of course all your barnyard buddies will be out for snuggling. we'll have time for an Art project and lots of hayrides. (hand led ponies $5 xtra)
Cost: $10 per person.  (moms free) rsvp appreciated


6 Sunday afternoons filled with Laura Ingalls' Wilder Tales, Arts, Crafts, Sewing, Prairie style cooking, Campfires, Quilting & more.  A great way to share a wonderful set of books that have been loved for more than 2 generations.  Limited space.

cost: $240 for 6 weeks for a parent/child combo (siblings +$15 per week)
time: sundays 3:30-6:00 (9/9. 9/23. 10/14. 10/28. 11/11. 11/18)
email for syllabus & supply list

Don't Forget -- TheArtBarn at Morning Glory Farm has the most EGGcellent Farm to Table & Barnyard Meet & Greets for FIELD TRIPS - please let your teacher friends know about us.  Your recommendation is our BEST advertising!

september - just a few more spaces available
october - starting to fill up
november - wide open

DO KEEP AN EYE on the FALL COW-LENDAR on our Website - we will be adding more weekday & weekend activities shortly.
Posted 8/23/2012 8:10am by Farmer Sue.

olivia's new pig cottage



Hey yall,

it has been so great to have a little break in the weather!  This summer was non stop fun and now that we have a couple of weeks before the Fall Field Trips & Farm Days kick in I am trying to knock a few things off my to do list.

here is just a start

x   repaint all the picket fences on the farm.

     (i looked like casper the ghost when i was done - but the fences look great.

x   add in lots of new black eyed susans to the front since last years planting did so good.

x   scrub the duck tank and put toppers on all the little tanks so my duck friends

     won't swim in everybody elses water

x   fix the roof on the chicken house in the friendship garden -- now the girls are happy!

x   lay rocks around all the new pickets so mud won't splash up

x   build & plant 2 huge planter boxes all by myself for Olivia's Garden (wow they look good)

x   paint a flying pig - that made me smile

x   Renovate Olivia's little Pig Cottage -- it looks adorable - see pix above - we will unveil it

    during story time in September

__ repaint mailbox

__ fluff up wellhouse & story barn doors

__ redo the American Flag Gate

__ move bench and hang cool old tools & hub caps on fence

__ get truck inspected so i can get tags for my birthday


__  Rent Honey Extractor and spin the rest of our sweet stuff

__ pick pears and put up for winter tarts

__ one more round of tomato sauce!

as you see i gotta go get to work to finish up!


hawgsnkisses - from farmer sue

I want you to say WOW when you get here this fall

Posted 8/4/2012 8:02pm by Farmer Sue.
TheArtBarn at Morning Glory Farm
where good things grow
WooWhooooo from Farmer Sue!
grab your dads and get on over here
Sunday August 5th Dads are FREE
We have a private party from 10-12 and will open the farm up right afterwards
from 12:30 to 3:15 so you can share some farm fun with your DAD.
 Moms & Kids have been having a blast at the farm all summer long
DADS now is your chance to get on over and
have some farm fun with your cute peeps. 
cost: $10 per person. (dads R free)
no rsvp need just head on over.

also on the COW-lendar...
one more summer playdate: Tuesday Aug. 7th
call farmer sue to rsvp 
Olivia Our Talking Piglet Reporter Says Please Check Out Our Tour & Blog Above