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Posted 11/16/2018 12:01pm by Farmer Sue.

Hey Yall Happy Holidays from your ArtBarn Buddies!

Just a couple quick notes:

• We will be open for farm fun Mon/Tues Nov 19/20  (10-1:00)

Pack lunches/drinks & dress in layers... it is supposed to warm !


• Farm Fresh PlayDates the 26th -30th Which Mother Nature kindly has  promised warm weather - yeeeehaw woohoooo & a cockadoodle do for sure.

• Our December Farm Fun Details to be posted by Nov. 27th.            We now have heat in both barns so we can snuggle in big time for lots of fun, creative activities for all ages - along with each activity there will be lots of time for animal snuggling, exploring & a hayride! DETAILS BELOW.

• and Farmer Sue Needs a Favor - if you are a homeschooler let us know what kind of educational projects or workshops you might be interested in seeing here and we will do our best to put something cool together for you  - we are not just for little ones!

Here are just a few of the ideas we are working on:

• Barnyard Tales in the Cozy Bunny Barn: Stories, Animals, Art

• Woodland Wednesdays: featuring stories & art project about the animals who live beyond the barnyard. 

• Build A Barn: Adorable Art project where you ... build a barn & then paint or draw your favorite barnyard buddies inside, or turn it into a birdhouse, or even a Nativity!  

• Create a Holiday Canvas : featuring Barnyard Buddies with wreaths or Santa Hats,  Classic Cool old Farm Truck, Snowmen and more!  (we will offer for both kiddos and Girls Night Out for sure!) 

• Home Spun Holidays: Come whip up some butter to take home using our antique butter churn, Look for Eggs & Make a magnolia wreath and more. 

• Ornaments for Indoors & Out:  some for your tree & some for your nature friends. 

• Picnic with Picasso & Pals - each week we will meet a different famous artist and eggsplore the art they created with animals and create our own barnyard masterpiece.  

• and we will get our Horse Heaven workshop back on the cowlendar tooo.


This is just the start of our list - our team is super EGG cited about December, January & February!


xxxo farmer sue & TheArtBarn Crew



Posted 5/24/2017 10:57pm by Farmer Sue.


School is winding down and the Farm is Gearing Up.  We have lots and lots of ways to have fun on the farm this summer.  Here are just a few and please Do keep an eye on our FB page & Instagram for more smiles.

oh, oh, oh, we are about to harvest more honey. our hens are laying loads of beautiful eggs and the garden is about to irrupt with tasty goodies and flowers.  i'm praying this is a good year for tomatoes!


* PlayDates 10-12:30

available in June & July - check our calendar for details.

 * Summer Day Camp (sibling discounts)

most weeks have room for only 5-6 more friends.

 * JUNE 10TH: Honey Bee Workshop - SWEET!  

Super Hands On...You will get to help harvest honey, taste & take some home. This is one of the most exciting parts of beekeeping.  We have several families who have gotten SMITTEN not bitten by the bees.  You can jump in at any point during this year long class cycle if you think you want to become a beekeeper!  Email for full details. 

 * JUNE 10  Family Farm Day 1-3:30. Pack Lunch or Snacks & Drinks.  Come hang out with your favorite barnyard buddies, hop a hayride, whip up some art help farmer sue look for eggs &  learn about our sweet sweet honeybees during a smaller presentation.  

 * Party PARTY PaRtY.... wow only 4 party spaces left in June 

 PS - we would love to have your old egg cartons & Plastic Milk Jugs. We are starting seeds in egg cartons, collecting eggs of course, using them for paint containers and more.... Milk Jugs will become feeders for the chickens & ducks.

Thanks Yall for being part of our farm family  xxxxo farmer sue

Posted 11/20/2016 12:28pm by Farmer Sue.


Mother nature is being kind to us again.   The weather for monday & tuesday is going to be in the 50s and sunny.  Dress in layers & come join us for some farm fun we have 2 options for you:

Family Fun from 10-12:30.  $12.50 ages 3 to Adult,  $7.50 ages 1&2, under 12 mos no charge.


Drop Off Day Camp from 9:30-2:30 both days

Age 5-12,  $60 per day.  pack lunches/drinks/extra snack

Animal time, hayrides, Art, and some crazy cool farm chores!  

PS: we have baby bunnies and a brand new batch of yellow chicks we found today!!!



let me know if you are looking for camp or family time


We will be posting some fun Tues/Wed playdates for last week of nov & into december since the weather has been so nice & the barns ARE HEATED!!

ALSO...LET  ME KNOW if anybody would be interested in December Holiday Camp?  

XO from Farmer Sue & TheArtBarn crew!

Posted 6/15/2016 9:25pm by Farmer Sue.

Neigh Neigh Neigh SATURDAY is gonna be a super great day!

Saturday: Strawberry the miniature horse wants YOU to come kick up your heels and show DAD some LOVE for Father's Day!  We will be OVER at Wilbur&Rudy's in the NEW ArtBarn OUTback from 10-12:30 with Barnyard Buddies, ART ART ART, and a fun interactive story time! tickets are $20 for a parent/child combo.  rsvp:



Posted 6/10/2016 9:27pm by Farmer Sue.

• June 11th -Tomorrow -- Saturday - ArtBarn Buddies will be hanging out over at Wilbur & Rudys where the Birminghams cross -- from 10-12:30 for some family fun.  Grab your camera and come relax with us.  W&R has incredible baked goods and coffee.  Come make art with us and meet some of our barnyard cuties. tickets are $10 each  ages 3 to ADULT.  

• June only has 2 party spots left. 

• June Camps: individual weeks of camp only have room for 3 or 4 more friends. 

• Playdate Space is available on June 14 & 17, 22, 28 & 29

Enjoy Summer & we hope to see you at the farm real soon. 

xxxxo farmer sue

Posted 5/18/2016 10:54pm by Farmer Sue.

Hey yall, 

just a quick Hi5 farm5 from farmer sue & TheArtBarn Crew:

1. we have lots of play date/Farm Fun days posted on the cowlendar. 

2. summer camp is filling up - no kidding I'm not just saying that - be sure to save a spot for your adorable peep. dates are listed under the camp tab on website.

3. june has only 8 party spots left. 

4. Honey, Eggs & Garden goodies now available

5. Yeehaw:  This Saturday 5/21 we will be around the corner at our friends Wilbur & Rudys in the NEW ArtBarn OutBack with bunches of our bunny buddies just for you.  -- Weather permitting that is!  

Saturday morning from 10-12:30 if the weather will coOPERATE! We will have LOTS of bunnies for snuggling, you will learn lots of funny bunny facts, we will whip up some hoppin art projects and squeeze in a story time! Don't forget your camera - Vera Bradley our sassy hen insists on coming along with some of her cool chicks too.

We are taking rsvps so we can keep it cozy - not crazy. 
Let us know if you are interested in hoppin by:
tickets $10 per person ages 3 to adult, $5 ages 1&2

Come grab a coffee & come enjoy the morning, and see what yummy things W&R have cooked up for YOU.

Have a farmtastic day & we hope to see you at the farm soon.
xxxo farmer sue 
Posted 4/8/2016 8:54pm by Farmer Sue.

Come enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the farm. 

pack picnic dinners & drinks or snacks and come ready for some farm fresh fun. 


xxxo farmer sue

we also have open farm time during the week - please check out our cowlendar of activities and then shoot me a note to rsvp

Posted 3/18/2015 11:53pm by Farmer Sue.
cute white bunny 
Hop to IT & Let's Have Some Farm FUN!
we are ready for spring 
1/2 dozen farm fresh ways to enjoy a day:
1. Friday March 20th Playdate 10-12:30
ps the hens are finally laying eggggggs again!
2. Honey Bee Class for all Ages Sunday 22nd details
3. Sunday Family Day - pack a picnic & your camera
4. Hollyberry Animal Hospital Open House 11-3
come visit w/Strawberry, Vera Bradley & other barnyard buddies 10915 Alpharetta Hwy (free)
5. Tuesday AFTERNOON farm fun 3:00-5:00
6. Friday March 27th Barnyard Buddy Playdate 10-12:30


Finally our Intro To BEE KEEPING Class is back on the calendar.




SUNDAY MARCH 22ND 9:30-12:30 - perfect for families or individualswho want to find out more about beekeeping. Appropriate for anyone - any age interested in learning about raising bees.  You will also learn about hive basics, what is involved in being a bee keeper on a monthly basis, what basic time & expenses can be expected.



2 live packages of bee being installed in their new hive homes!  very cool


We will now offer a monthly workshop so friends can learn & PARTICIPATE with varying chores each month. These workshops will let you clearly understand what you are getting into and the absolute joy of bee keeping. By Fall you will BEE ready to start at home - some friends may even want to start earlier!


$45 per person - (bring a child for $15 extra)
pack lunches, drinks, CAMERA & a notebook.

9:30-12:30 sunday march 22nd 



Email your RSVP or questions to
Sponsor a board on the new barn and you'll get a horseshoe on the wall with your family name and you'll get a 1 in 50 chance to win a free week of camp or private birthday party!!! 
2015 Family Sponsorships 
will be available for each board on the barn
Big Boards are $50  
we have 30 left!!!
Your Family's Name will be engraved on a tag & be mounted inside a horseshoe on an actual board ON the barn!
the funds we raise will help upgrade our educational garden, honeybee haven & henhouse.
if you are feelin lucky & YOU want to be
on our board of directors. 
farmer sue
Posted 3/7/2015 5:02pm by Farmer Sue.

A sunny sunday and we are ready to celebrate.

pack a picnic lunch, snacks, drinks and your camera - shoot us an email if possible to let us know you are on the way!

We will meet the animals. Whip up some art. Hop a hayride, and relax in the sun.  Sounds like a perfect day to us.  We will have a few farm chores going for anyone who wants to get down and dirty and join in!


$12.50 ages 3 to adult.    $7.50 ages 1&2     no charge tiny peeps under 12 mos


TUESDAY AFTERNOON 3:30-5:00  Come enjoy a little farm time with the animals, whip up an art project, hop a hayride and get your wiggles out.

drop off $20  first child,  add a sibling for $15

WEDNESDAY is story time and barnyard meet and greet from 10-12:30

FRIDAY Morning is Farmtastic. 10-12:30 Come hangout with your favorite barnyard buddies, hop a hayride and make some art.  pack picnic lunches to enjoy during the morning.  



we will post updates on our FB page about each activity.

OH YEAH - THE BEE CLASS IS BACK ON!!! email for details.


Posted 1/26/2015 2:50pm by Farmer Sue.
FARM 5 Highlights
we are giving hopping high5s to these up coming activities: 

 1. Story Time this Wednesday 1/28 from 10-12:30

the weather should be great  - if chilly ... we will be cozy in the barns with critters, cocoa & barnyard tales!   $12.50 ages 3 to adult.  $7.50 ages 1&2 


2. Family Farm Day this Saturday January 31st   from 11:00-2:00

rsvp via email below. weather should be great. pack lunches & drinks.

$12.50 ages 3 to adult.  $7.50 ages 1&2

All the animals will be out, art table ready to go and the hayride will be hopping!  Plus you can quizzzzz our beekeeper about the buzzz on the upcoming bee classes & workshop!


3. Sat. 1/31 - VALENTINES day Photo shoot - xxo

with Jen McCarren of Freckled Flower Photography. Featuring our beautiful doves - check our FB post for adorable images - these are a sweet alternative for Spring Portraits.  She has just  a few spots left.  

contact jen for full details & schedule:    812.212.3089


4. SWEET - Get the Buzz on our Introduction BeeKeeping Class:

Sunday Feb 8th or Saturday  Feb 14th - perfect for families or individuals who want to find out more about beekeeping - our Beekeepers are amazing email for full details & family friendly pricing! 


5. XXO Valentines Day Playdate or DropOff Camp Day.

Come give up some love for your favorite farm friends. Meet our beautiful Dove Family & give Nicholas our new lamb a hug! We will also have some special art projects for our peeps to create.

$12.50 ages 3 to adult.  $7.50 ages 1&2

Drop off Camp day $30 per child ages 5-11 

RSVP for both a must.  



Email your RSVP or questions to
Sponsor a board on the new barn and you'll get a horseshoe on the wall with your family name and you'll get a 1 in 50 chance to win a free week of camp or private birthday party!!!

2015 Family Sponsorships
will be available for each board on the barn
Big Boards are $50  
50 board goal by March 15
we have 38 left!!!

Your Family's Name will be engraved on a tag
& be mounted inside a horseshoe on an actual board ON the barn!

the funds we raise will help upgrade our educational garden,
honeybee haven & henhouse.

if you are feelin lucky & YOU want to be
on our board of directors.

farmer sue
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