Barnyard Ambassadors for Art, Animals & Agriculture


Barnyard Ambassadors for Art, Education & Agriculture!

Our adorable furry, feathery, fluffy farm family says they are Not Petting Farm Animals.

They insist on being called Barnyard Ambassadors

Morning Glory Farm & TheArtBarn are located conveniently in charming Hickory Flat, just above Alpharetta & below Canton.  A genuine family farm where you will experience the barnyard from a whole new perspective. And man o man we've got it GROWIN ON.  From Farm to Table field trips and all the fun in between. Matilda our antique 1957 Ford Tractor will take you for a hayride all around the farm as we sing some old farm favorites and if it is your birthday... YOU will even get to drive the tractor with Farmer Sue! You will meet "our farm family" of adorable creatures up close and personal. You'll snuggle, pet, hold and brush them as you learn lots of fun facts about them. No Petting Farm pens here -- just lots hands on snuggling time! Whether its a Party, a Field Trip or Playdate there is always time for creating a Farm-tastic piece of ART in TheArtBarn.

Teachers: We've got an A+ fieldtrip waiting for you with Art, Animals & Agriculture! Barnyard meet & greets for younger friends along with FARM TO TABLE field trips for older friends. On Fieldtrip days you'll see what's "Growing On" in Mr. McGregor's Garden and our Peanutbutter & Jelly Garden as we explore "Where Our Food Comes From."
Churches:  We've Got a great program on Art & Animals in the Bible for family picnics or youth groups.
Scout Leaders: Clever programs to help fulfill badge requirments.


Email Farmer Sue to arrange your Farm-tastic visit!

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